The Howard Group Management Company worked on a redevelopment plan for a 388,000 square foot multi-tenant industrial facility. One of the largest tenants (110,000 SF) was a division of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. This multi-tenant building, which Goodyear occupied more than 30% of the building, was suffering from tenant retention issues related to failure of structural elements of the building, along with occupancy nuisance issues. The nuisance turned out to be a strong odor emanating from the Goodyear facility, due to the storage of very large vehicle tires.

These efforts included the following:

  • Developing tenant rosters
  • Establishing rent rolls
  • Lease reviews
  • Discovery of lease limitations and obligations
  • Market appeal of the properties
  • Market reviews in order to ascertain the demand for the space types within the marketplace and their respective anticipated market rents
  • Verification of zoning compliance
  • Lease audits
  • Building inspections
  • Code compliance review