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When our name goes on a building, it means something. To the members of The Howard Group Management Co., Inc., it means a promise of TRUST, INTEGRITY, STABILITY and LONGEVITY and above all, HONESTY, to the highest level imaginable.

Property Excellence

The Howard Group continues to think of itself as a partner to each and every one of its clients or customers.

Our Services

Accounting, Rent Collection, Tenant Screening, Maintenance Repairs, Customized Owner Reports, Construction Supervision, Budgeting, Bondable, Leasing Advisor, and much more...

Proven Results

Everything we touch has financial implications— whether cost savings, improving margins, or generating new revenue streams. We’re not only aware of these considerations, we’re bound by them.

Our Mission | Howard Group
Our Mission

The goal is always to maximize the financial benefits of ownership of a commercial property in a manner that keeps the property fresh, in terms of its appeal to the market, while delivering a very high level of service to the tenants within the property.

Our Philosophy | Howard Group
Our Philosophy

Integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness are critical hallmarks of the company’s philosophy. The need to operate and maintain the properties based upon the lease agreements of a specific property, help us achieve and deliver a high level of service to our customer base.

Our Promise | Howard Group
Our Promise

Diligence in our dedication to executing the operation and appeal of the property to the market, while consistently addressing the needs of ownership from both a physical and fiscal perspective are the cornerstone elements of our mission on behalf of our customers and clients.

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Property Management Case Studies

Property Management Case Studies

Howard Group | Property Management

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Our program involved performing an assessment of the individual attributes and detriments of each of the properties and developing a program that would lead to bringing the properties into a condition whereby we were able to market the properties and eventually bring them to a successful sale transaction.
Howard Group | Property Management

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The Howard Group Management Company worked on a redevelopment plan for a 388,000 square foot multi-tenant industrial facility on behalf of NCNB. One of the largest tenants (110,000 SF) was a division of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.
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As part of the portfolio taken over from NCNB, one of the properties consisted of a 146,000 square foot, six story office building in Hollywood, FL. Located at the northeast corner of Interstate 95 and Hollywood Boulevard.
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